Sunday, July 28, 2013

The New American Standard Version of the Bible NASB - This Week in Christian History for the week of July 28-August 3rd

On July 31st 1970 the complete New American Standard Version of the Bible was first published by the Lockman Foundation. The Bible is regarded as the most literal 20th century version. The Revised Standard Version was also an update of the American Standard Version, but was less literal than the original, which was the main reason that people saw a need for a new version of the Bible. The New American Standard Version was designed to be true to the original languages, be grammatically correct, understandable, and give glory to Jesus.  It has been revised to a newer version by the Lockman Foundation mostly because of the discovery of better manuscripts, especially the Dead Sea Scrolls, but also due to some readability issues.

Where did the Lockman Foundation come from? It was during a tent meeting that Dewey Lockman was saved, and a few years later than he underwent a realization based on Malachi 3:10 that giving to the LORD based on faith will bring blessings. He started with a 10% tithe, but the size of the tithe increased as the years went along. He eventually gave 40% of his income to God. When he had a few lean years as a farmer, he kept account of how much he owed and paid it back later.

Lockman was so blessed that he was able to give away 75% of his land to establish the Lockman Foundation. The Foundation was to reach God’s people throughout the world. They taught adult and children Bible classes. The bought Foundation Press to enable them to publish tracs, Gospels, and other Christian literature.

The foundation turned to Bible translation when it published the New Testament Amplified Bible in 1958. But it was obvious that a more general Bible was needed, and this is where the New American Standard Version came from. After it was published, the Old Testament of the Amplified Bible was released. Besides working on English Bibles, the foundation has published original translations of the Bible in many other languages. The Lockman Foundation continues today although its founder has passed away. More study Bibles are based on the NASB than on any other translation.

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