Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Six Day War- This Week in Christian History- 2nd though 8th of June

On 6-5-1967 the Arab Israeli Six Day War started. While this was of more immediate importance to our Jewish friends, it was an important fulfilling of Bible prophecy. The war started when the Israeli air force bombed Egyptian air fields by surprise in response to terrorist and guerilla attacks from the PLO. There were also tensions from land and water disputes. The airstrike was very successful and it gave Israel air superiority for the rest of the war.

Meanwhile three brigades entered Egyptian territory and attacked. The Israelis thought that Egypt would be prepared for a similar attack that Israeli forces had used in the past, so they attacked with surprise timing, different routes (some were thought to be impassable) and alternative methods. While they did suffer casualties, they were successful in capturing the Sinai Peninsula.

Jordan was initially reluctant to join the war but shelled Israel. Israel contacted King Hussein telling him that Jordan would not be targeted if they stayed out of the war. Jordan escalated the fighting, joined by a few forces from Iraq. Israel captured Old Jerusalem and then overtook the rest of the West Bank.

Syria entered the war, encouraged by Egyptian propaganda claiming they were winning the war. A few of Syria’s aircraft were shot down and an airfield attacked, however when they figured out the reports that they had heard about Israel’s forces being almost completely destroyed were false, they diverted the aircraft to positions farther away from the conflict. Syria offered a cease fire, but since they had been largely responsible for the terrorist and guerrilla attacks, it was decided to attack them. Israel captured the Golan Heights area.

God has given the land of Israel to the Jewish people and has promised to restore its cities; the Six Day War was part of a series of conflicts that has enabled the Jewish people to reclaim their land.

This blog is more focused in Christian history than Bible prophecy, but when I saw the Six Day War was in the week I knew I had to include it because of its huge significance.

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