Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bio of John Wesley - This Week in Christian History for the week of June 16-22

On June 17 1703 John Wesley was born. While he always considered himself a loyal member of the Church of England, he and his brother Charles founded the Methodist Church. The name Methodist came from their original legalistic viewpoint and tireless generosity and was given to “The Holy Club” by other students at Oxford University.

When John was about five he was rescued from a fire, the fire devastated his family financially. His mother, Suzanna, always told John he was “A Brand Plucked out of the Fire.” His mother taught him and the rest of the siblings, 24 were born but only 10 lived. John’s father was the rector of Epworth.

John decided to go to America to try and convert American Indians, and on the way a terrible storm struck and the mast of the ship collapsed. While John was terrified for his soul, he discovered Moravians, German Protestants who were also travelling to America, were not afraid to die, and were calm during the calamity. This was even true of their children. He was deeply affected by the contrast and began to listen to their theology.

John found himself entangled in a romantic affair, which ended with the target of his romantic attention being married to another man. He left for England soon after. Charles and John also had trouble because of their strict, legalistic ways. As time passed John doubted his own salvation, but kept on seeing how what the Moravians taught seemed to be what the Bible said. John was saved; he felt a warming of his heart when he heard Martin Luther’s Preface to Romans.

This was just the beginning; he kept his vigorous schedule and travelled throughout England, Ireland, and America spreading the Word of God. He read the Bible or other books while he was riding, he wasn’t the type of man to rest. Stephen Tomkins wrote that he "rode 250,000 miles, gave away 30,000 pounds ... and preached more than 40,000 sermons.”

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