Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bio of William F. Albright - This Week in Christian History for the week of September 15-21

William Albright was an archeologist who was a leader in substantiating the accuracy of the Bible. He graduated from Upper Iowa University, as did a certain blogger who shall remain nameless. Albright did not believe that the Bible was inspired by God, but he did confirm the accuracy of many of the passages of the Bible and viewed the Bible as being a reliable source of history. Because of this viewpoint he has been recently attacked by more liberal archeologists who doubt historical events portrayed in the Bible.

He was the creator of Biblical Archeology, which uses conventional archeological methods to study sites which have some relationship to the Bible. He is considered to be one of the last orientalists, which means that he studied the culture, language, and history of the Middle East at one time to gain a further understanding of their interrelationships.

Albright was an expert in many fields besides archeology and he applied his knowledge of ceramics to able to more accurately pin down dates at dig sites. He also mastered 26 ancient and modern languages. He contributed to many different fields because of the breadth of his knowledge and published 1,100 articles, books, notes and journals.

He excavated many Biblical sites, and was instrumental in dating the Dead Sea Scrolls. Albright was also the editor of the Bulletin of the American School of Oriental Research. He was the first non-Jewish person to win the title of “Worthy One of Jerusalem.” Many of his students became famous scholars due to his influence.

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