Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bio of Saint Jerome who died on the 30th of September 430-This Week in Christian History for the week of September 29- October 5

Jerome was born Eusebius Sophronius Hieronymus around 347 in Stridon. He went to Rome to pursue philosophy, but was alienated by the Hedonistic culture there. He would sometimes engage in the wanton behavior, but was always repentant afterwards. He wandered around the crypts of the martyrs and apostles and began to see their tombs as a picture of Hell.

He moved to Trier with his friend Bonosus and he started his theological studies. He travelled and became friends with many Christians. He became ill and two of his friends died. He was strongly affected by this and so he exclusively wrote on Christian topics. He went into the desert to live the life of a hermit and to study and write. He became associated with influential people, but was not popular in Rome because he did not hold back criticism of the clergy and forbade mourning of the dead in excess.

He was ordained a bishop and travelled through a few sees. It was during this time that he started on his greatest work, the Vulgate version of the Bible. It was written in the vulgar, or common form, of Latin. He was advised by many of his friends not to focus on the Hebrew and Greek texts, since the Septuagint was considered the best form of the Bible at the time. Jerome also wrote many commentaries on the Bible. He was also an accomplished historian who has written and also copied many important works. He died in the area around Bethlehem on September the 30th, 430.

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