Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bio of Bill Bright who was born This Week in Christian History for the week of October 13th-19th

Bright was born on October 19th 1921 in Coweta Oklahoma and graduated from Northeastern State University. He moved to Los Angeles and founded a company called Bright’s California Confections. It was while attending a Presbyterian church that he became saved and took graduate classes in theology, although he never obtained a degree. It was while he was attending Fuller that he felt called to share his faith with other students.

It was a domestic disturbance that led Bill and his wife Vonnette to write a covenant to God that they were slaves to Christ. This attitude in their lives was what led them to found the Campus Crusade for Christ. The foundation has been a huge success. It operates in 190 countries utilizing 27,000 full-time, and 225,000 trained volunteers. He chaired the National Year of the Bible in 1983 and won the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion, a cash prize which he donated to charity.

Bill wrote more than 100 books and booklets and thousands of articles and pamphlets. He produced a film in 1979 called, “The Jesus Film.” While a financial failure, it was a very accurate portrayal of the life of Jesus. It is estimated that 139 million people have come to know Christ because of his Campus Crusade and his film. Bill has talked to audiences of more than one million people.

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